This page hosts downloads of interest as well as my own applications I have created.

My Apps

Movie Library 2.0 – Build 2.0.12340.1508 (Current stable – Initial release)Download
Personal movie library database program. Help keep track of your movie collection with this great client application. Uses MySQL database server (Also included if you choose to use it). Ability to download movie information from IMDB using inbuilt scraper.


Fronius Inverter Monitor 1.1 – Build 1.1.2 (Current stable – 06-11-2018)Download
Solar API monitor for Fronius inverters. This program connects to the Solar API that is available on all Fronius inverter datamanager cards.
Is reads the current live power production as well as extra inverter information including MAX values.
It also logs the power output to a file (update time is configurable) and shows the power production in a chart.